Our Trusted Financial Expert


It takes a team. We have a trusted friend, Sequent Planning (Sequent). They are an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Sequent Advisors are financial planners and investment managers.

We follow the same ideology: The creation of a Financial Plan is the foundation to retirement success. 

Sequent customizes your financial plan. It’s called a Bl(u)Print. As we create your Bl(u)Print will look at your financials details, input the information in its software modules:  Income Insight, Tax Clarity, Social Security Timing and SmartRisk, then analyze the output. Further, they will show the inherent risk in investments  They help “open your eyes” to investment risk through their innovative planning tool, SmartRisk.  Further, they educate you on the economic differences in social security timing strategies. An added benefit is that they will help you (better) understand your taxes throughout retirement, which helps a lot when you have to make decisions.

Learn more about Sequent here.